by Nellcote

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One neverending room session. Two guys, and a little help from their friends.


released March 18, 2012



all rights reserved


Nellcote Zagreb, Croatia

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Track Name: Autumn Blues
I remember the clouds and the funny little coat she had.
She didn't smile, but she looked like she enjoyed the rain.
Didn't even try to keep her boots dry.
On that day, one love came and passed by.

Red nose and wet lips shone through that hazy day.
For a moment she stopped right next to me,
Lord, how I wished for her to stay.
At that crossroads, while she was walking away,
Tiny knees dressed in green,
Fell down and never got up again.

My lady, my mystery…
I saw her only once,
It was enough for me.
Track Name: Hope For The Spring
This song is not for you,
It is written for my friend.
I once loved this girl,
She was selling her smiles, now she's throwing them away.
Simmer down, don't be afraid of being forgotten…

Thank you for the walk,
Now it's getting dark and the heart's getting cold.
No more birds on the trees,
They'll be swaying alone, black bones, all winter long.
Rest your heart and let it drift away, just for a while….

Those leaves that are falling down
Won't cover the guilt.
I'll just walk you home,
Sooner or later we'll hope for the spring.
Rest your heart and let it drift away, just for a while….
Track Name: Just a Beautiful Doll
Can you feel it in her voice?
Weeping baby
Painful melody crawls,
She's crying for attention.

Were you sucked into her world?
Peculiar land of strangeness.
Tonight we're all falling in love,
Boys and girls are connected.

Visceral scream is echoing,
Her sister's whispering,
This doll has a soul...

She laughed like crazy,
And then she disappeared,
Just a beautiful doll,
Or is she something real?

She's a woman,
She's a man,
She's mad,
She's not afraid.