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Disturbance in a Quiet Summer Night

by Nellcote

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releases November 8, 2019


All music and words by Vinko Ergotić, except words for My Favourite Stranger by Vinko Ergotić and Lana Filipin.
All songs arranged and performed by Nellcote.
Recorded at Soundbrick Studio, Depth Studio, and Nell's SweatRoom Studio, Zagreb, 2017–2019.
Recorded and mixed by Luka Grubišić-Čabo at Soundbrick Studio, Zagreb.
Additional recording by Damjan Blažun and Vinko Ergotić.
Mastered by Barry Gardner.
Produced by Luka Grubišić-Čabo and Vinko Ergotić.

Vinko Ergotić – guitars, vocals, keys, percussion
Lana Filipin – bass, vocals
Damir Trputec – drums, percussion
Lovro Boljat – guitars on Trouble In Disguise and This Is What I Get

Nellcote's little helpers:
Gordana Marković – vocals on My Favourite Stranger
Chiara Vladilo – vocals on In Nightmares and Trouble In Disguise
Igor Pavlica – trumpet on My Favourite Stranger

Cover art by Luisa Pascu
Design by Tomislav Vranić

Our deep and humble thanks goes to all of you who stood by our side, had our backs, and brought out the best in us. You know who you are.


all rights reserved



Nellcote Zagreb, Croatia

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Track Name: You Eat the Same Grass Like the Rest of Us
You refuse to cover the ears of a blindman
So he can tremble to the screams of the night
As if it's not cold enough inside his world of darkness
Better squeeze his broken dreams
Between your warm thighs

If this is what you call a bliss
Why don't you want it to last
Smart enough to always doubt
Too scared to feel alive
You eat the same grass like the rest of us

He knows nothing about nothing
Where he's been, what he is, and what he's not
Amnesia dimmed the light of his soul
Switch it off, he needs it no more
Track Name: Little Wolf
I'm a little wolf without my moon
Blinded by the everlasting noon
I'm a craftsman with crooked hands
Covered by pilled up shame

Somewhere inside
Darkness is thick
Deep inside
I caged my heart

I'm a reckless son with no crime
Only guilty for what's on my mind
I'm a poor soul with thousand goals
None of which I was made for

Somewhere inside
Darkness is thick
Deep inside
I caged my heart

Pull it out
Pull it out
I've been waiting for you
To pull it out
The bluebird needs to sing out loud

I'm a half-moon smiling at you
But the screen lights keep blocking the view
Track Name: In Nightmares
I fell asleep by the window
On a foggy moonful night
When she came
Into my mind

A girl, I know her well
Once, we shared our time
Until it was no fun

She took me to the crossroads
I couldn't turn her down
I followed as if I was blind

Birds began to shriek
It sounded like a laugh
Stabbing through my past

Bells keep on ringing
Will I be here in the morning
Counting the scars
In nightmares, nothing is forgiven
Run, baby, run

We sat beneath a willow
The sky was as slick as glass
Frozen as my heart

She offered me to kiss her
Before she rips it out
I knew my time was running out

Suddenly, she panicked
The sun was at her back
Soon, I will wake up

She said: "You can go now,
The road is yours to choose.
But wherever you go,
You'll be mine, all mine."
Track Name: Mutiny!
You call it a devotion yet you blame every morning for what it brings
You curse every sunrise upon your face for vaporizing all your dreams
You hate yourself, you hurt yourself
the guy in the mirror is not your friend
You've got the right to choose, yeah, you know your rights
And that is what you just cannot stand

I've pleased everyone
Don't wanna do it again
These dull times must burst into rage
Who's stroking whom?
You shout Mutiny!
While scratching your asses

Commit yourself to what you find sacred
It's not an altar, it's not a church
It is the words you throw up every time
you are fed up with what you're worth
You want to tear down all the temples, you want to be fierce
Then you'll build another one just for your needs
You're a pirate on a sinking ship
Your fists are cut, your view is vague
But you've still got the urge to steal
Track Name: Trouble in Disguise
With my lips to the ground
Am I here to be alone?
Annoying sun
It’s not about love

Shadows chew the time
It’s slowly swallowed
Soon I will desert
Before the darkest hour

I need a new home
To chain all mistakes
This ship will sink
I’ll let them drown with it

I beg you don’t you smile
I can hear you hissing
It’s so loud and clear now
You're trouble in disguise

Time after time
We all wish we could see
Above these walls.
We’re straying in the dark
Around this town
Track Name: This Is What I Get
This is what I get
For all the trouble I've done
Please, don't take the bones
My skin will bleed alone
Just to the stars above

Always running away from the past
It's tracing and threatening my happiness
Distant storms attack and chase away the silence
Disturbance in a quiet summer night

It feels so cold, it feels so cold

This is what I get
For I ignored every fear
I took a nap on the highest cloud
Below me a glowing field
Lying there like an old bruise, never going to heal

I would be blessed if I forgot everything
Tomorrow will wait with something to smile about
The dawn will guide us into a dream
So stay awake, save the pinch

Not another day,
Not in this life
Track Name: Future's Gone
I'm floating around
Feeling nothing
I can't touch the ground.
Can't you hear me,
hear me laughing,
One last time before I slip into the void.

There's nothing much to say, there's nothing left to offer.
Feelings of no regrets fled out of the box and chocked us.
Why do you care how we'd exist in oblivion?
Faces scared to death of something that could never happen.

Heart's dripping the tones, one note after another.
Melody's caught in a whirl, denying memories of her.
I'm composing an ode to a man who has no fear.
He once said to me: "Future's gone but the future reappears."
Track Name: My Favourite Stranger
I should just forget those rotten years
The smell still lingers on
Can't get rid of it

We met in a time of great delusion
I was a rat in my own lab
Unsure what I was used for

May you never be my savior
I'm already six feet under
It's pitch dark but I've got to hold on

I need a reason
To make it rain
Flood, blow, shake, roar
So I can feel
Be my, be my
favourite stranger

Don't you ask me what I miss the most
The past is a pillow I share with my ghosts
Crazy talks, hazy words
Bitter smiles, ugly lies
Uncertain what is real
We're drifting in between

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