Surrender [EP]

by Nellcote

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released May 14, 2017

Lyrics, music and all instruments by Vinko Ergotić
Recorded in bedrooms in Rijeka and Zagreb, 2016-2017
Mixed by Miran Milić at Studio Palach, Rijeka.
Vocals on Track 5 by Lucija Ćustić Luce

Cover art by Sonja Barbarić



all rights reserved


Nellcote Zagreb, Croatia

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Track Name: So Long, My Friend
So long, my friend,
I've gotta leave my trails in the south,
Wondering what happens next.
We have crossed into red,
Never cared to lick blood.

So long, my dear,
I'm still under the same sun,
Only a few mounts to climb from thee.
I have left two lives behind
One was is my chest, the other clung beside.

How have I surrendered?

Silence is my friend,
It swears at my deeds,
It knows by heart,
What is best for me now.
No one else I want to hear,
No body warm enough.

How have I surrendered?
Track Name: Life
Cold ring around the neck
He's finally left alone
Eternity starts

Autumn leaves seem alive
colour of sunburnt skin
Maybe he's one of them
Now, married to the wind.

Dogs sound like farewell horns
Heavy burden to their ears
Shovels raping dead ground.

This night is bound to be sore
Questions hovering above pain
He must feel sorry for them
Kneeling in vain.

No one could ever blame him
Leaving without the last line
No time could yield the meaning
What is life but a lie.
Track Name: Time/She
Time's a butterfly,
A lovely illusion,
Ready to fly away.
He had searched but couldn't find
A reason to stay.

Time holds a gun
But it waits until all the damage is done.
She held his hand but she couldn't stand
Those dead eyes.

Time is a little spark
But we're still grabbling in the dark
So she pours another drink into
her poor little heart.

Time's pulling us down
Deep, deep, deep, cold underground
She shivers inside, pale as a doll
Compelled to say goodbye.

Time is not a cure
All its charms are misunderstood.
She's twitching to the sound
of his last words.
Track Name: If Only They Could
If only they could shout so loud
so i don't hear my thoughts no more
If only they could...

If only they could stretch my soul
so i don't doubt what i feel
If only they could...

The heart won't listen until it hits the ground
Meet me then
It will break away into your arms.
Track Name: Who Is Next?
The man is gone,
Don't grieve too long,
But ask yourselves,
Who is next?

The first one among you, brothers,
Who'll walk that path,
And cease the quest.

Like stepping into cold water.

What has he left,
What has he seized,
They both trouble the heart,

Beneath the soil silence flows,
An aching chill,
No Soul of a man
Dwells there at ease.

Like stepping into cold water.

The man is gone,
Don't grieve too long,
But ask yourselves,
Who is next?

The first one among you, brothers,
Who'll walk that path,
Lie down,
And wait for grace.